Bad North: Jotunn Edition (Android) Review

Death comes for us all, but not if the Vikings can fight it. 2018’s micro-strategy action hit, Bad North, was a wild success for publisher Raw Fury and the studio behind the game, Plausible Concepts. Bringing the energy of an action game with the simplest take on real-time strategy, Bad North is a terrifically simple, but remarkable RTS with a mesmerizing presence and great controls. In 2019, Bad North made its way onto mobile devices with a new, free expansion, becoming Jotunn Edition. Bringing

KILL La KILL the game: IF

If you had the opportunity to show your bullies what you are made of, would you take that chance? Would you do what it takes to prove them wrong? Kill la Kill the Game: IF is a brand-new fighting game set within the universe of Kill La Kill where players strap on their Kamui and unleash their fiercest powers in a battle for righteousness. The game is developed by A+ Games, Studio TRIGGER, and Arc Systems Works. Having followed Kill la Kill the Game: IF since its announcement, and having the spec

REVIEW: 'Pawarumi' is an Inventive Aztec Spaceship Shooter

Pawarumi is a new and exciting spaceship shooter for the Nintendo Switch, brought to us by Manufacture 43 and PR Hound. While spaceships shooters are finding a newfound resurgence on the Nintendo Switch, developers are experimenting with ways to change the established formula and provide something new for players. With Pawarumi, the team at Manufacture 43 have succeeded in providing something tremendous and new by giving us what is described as ” Rock, Papers, Scissors, Shoot, but with lasers.”

Zombieland 2: Double Tap- Road Trip

Zombieland is officially coming back to theaters in Zombieland 2: Double Tap in October. For video game players, High Voltage Software and GameMill Entertainment, in cooperation with Sandbox Strategies and Sony Consumer Products, are bringing a wild new Zombieland adventure to video game consoles and PC’s in the form of Zombieland 2: Double Tap- Road Trip, a wild new top-down twin-stick shooter that will bring the staple action and humor the first film is known for to players everywhere. It’s b

REVIEW: 'Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf' is One of the Strongest Strategy Games Out There

From HeroCraft Ltd and Games Workshop comes Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf, a grid-based, tactical, turn-based strategy game, where players will have to use their head, and their skills, to survive a hostile world and crush their enemies. Originally released on Google Play for Android phones, the game has now made its way to PlayStation 4, with a bevy of content added for console owners. While there may be other tactical turn-based games currently available on the PlayStation network, Warhammer 40

TooManyGames Comes Out Bigger And Better Than Ever

TooManyGames, the retro video game convention, returned in 2019 and is bigger and better than ever. Taking place from June 21-23, 2019, several thousand die-hard gamers, collectors, cosplayers, and developers descended on the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pennsylvania to play, celebrate, and embrace the video gaming community. Having gone every year since the summer of 2016, I can confidently say that this year’s TooManyGames was the best yet. TooanyGames combines the old and the ne

REVIEW: 'Fantasy Strike' Brings a New Energy to an Old Genre

Fighting games are a delicate genre of game to make. They provides instant action, but also commands the player to learn a variety of combinations and button inputs. The speed at which these inputs need to be made require an unerring accuracy, and in some games, learning these combinations can be a challenge. While some games have worked hard to be more accessible, they still can be daunting to newcomers. Fantasy Strike from Sirlin Games seeks to change that with a fighting game that caters to n

REVIEW: 'Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered Edition' is a Must Play for the Nintendo Switch

Originally released in 2008, Red Faction: Guerrilla ushered in an extraterrestrial sandbox action experience to consoles and PC, providing a tremendously polished experience focusing on widespread destruction against a tyrannical military government. First launching on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam, the game has now made its way to the Nintendo Switch to bring that extraterrestrial carnage to players, both at home and on the go with Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered Edition. The result i

REVIEW: 'War Tech Fighters' has Heavy Metal Action and Anime Aesthetics

Fewer things are more amazing than giant robots. Whether it’s the Hulk Buster armor of Iron Man or the EVA units from Neon Genesis Evangelion or the classic Gundam of Mobile Suit Gundam and Jaegers of Pacific Rim, nothing instills more feeling of awesome and powerful than giant robots. It’s been quite some time since we had a video game specifically follow mechs. That said, War Tech Fighters from Blowfish Studios and Drakkar Dev (for console ports) seeks to fill a void missing since the days of

REVIEW: 'Earth Defense Force 4.1: WingDiver The Shooter'

The Shoot ‘Em Up is a timeless video game genre. Quick, easy to get into, and immeasurably action-packed, these game are a great genre to jump into and an excellent start for those new to video games. Most recently, Shoot ‘Em Ups, commonly referred to as shmups, have been making a comeback on the Nintendo Switch. And while Earth Defence Force is a franchise more associated with incredibly polished, over-the-top third-person shooting, the team at D3 publishing have chosen to take a chance at app

REVIEW: 'Golem Gates' is a Dark Fantasy Tour-de-Force

In the end, there was death. From the darkness and ashes comes a deity, destined to bring hope and nourishment to the land, long scarred by ancient warriors. This deity summons you as the Harbinger, an ancient warrior with the ability to manipulate nanites from the mysterious substance “Ash” and summon armies to defeat the great evils festering upon the land. This is Golem Gates, from Laser-Guided games LLC, Hollow Earth Inc, and Digerati Marketing. Golem Gates is a new type of dark fantasy gam

Review: 'Over The Top Tower Defense' Offers Up Humorous and Fast Gameplay

What happens when there are no more battles to fight? When you are so good at your job, to the point that there are no more battles to fight, what do you do when your purpose in life is to fight? In the world of Over The Top Tower Defense (OTTTD), humans tamper with the complexities of mad science to enter parallel dimensions and find battles to fight. OTTTD, from Australia-based SMG Studio, makes its way from mobile devices to the Nintendo Switch, bringing with it a truly distinct and fast-pace

Wizard World Philly: 'Harry The First, or The Knave Who Hath Liv'd' is a Magically Funny Time

Since its debut in bookstores and in theaters, the world of Harry Potter has continued to amaze and excite, wowing viewers into a world of friendship, righteousness, and of course, magic. The story has continued through texts, recent attractions at Universal Studios, a new mobile video game, and the Fantastic Beasts films. Over the decades, an entire global community of fans has been drawn to The Wizarding World. Embracing the fun and thrill of The Wizarding World, many fans of taken to their o

Wizard World Philly: "Fandom Saves Lives" Highlights the Power of Media

A community can bring about discussions, debate, humor, ideas, but most importantly, in that togetherness that fandom can bring healing and comfort. As creative individuals, we look to art for inspiration, confidence, encouragement, and connection. Artists create characters we aspire to, from Batman to Optimus Prime. In their struggles, victory, and defeat, we see ourselves and relate their stories to our own. That connection has the potential to save lives. At Wizard World Philadelphia, I had t

Wizard World Philadelphia 2019: A Convention for the Whole Family

Caped Crusaders and cosmic heroines descended on the Philadelphia Convention Center for the Wizard World Philadelphia, a comic book convention. Coming in during the heat of the summer, this convention aimed at catering to familiar and general audiences and is certainly paving its own path. With appearance from Batman: The Animated Series voice actor Kevin Conroy to wrestling legend Sargent Slaughter, and cosplay karaoke in addition to open video games by Midwest esports, there was something for

Review: 'Mainlining' is an Incredible and Immersive Experience

Mainlining, a new Nintendo Switch ported game from Merge Games and Sam Read (@samread5) at Rebel Elephant Studios, comes at an incredibly important juncture in our culture. The internet was created to bring the world together. As the internet has grown, this purpose has greatly expanded to include all sorts of communication methods, from internet radios, podcasts, video calls, and even streaming. As this purpose grew, so did the opportunities for those with hostile intent. The internet became a

Review: 'Mainlining' is an Incredible and Immersive Experience

Mainlining, a new Nintendo Switch ported game from Merge Games and Sam Read (@samread5) at Rebel Elephant Studios, comes at an incredibly important juncture in our culture. The internet was created to bring the world together. As the internet has grown, this purpose has greatly expanded to include all sorts of communication methods, from internet radios, podcasts, video calls, and even streaming. As this purpose grew, so did the opportunities for those with hostile intent. The internet became a

REVIEW: 'My Friend Pedro: Blood, Bullets, Bananas' is Fun, Fierce, and Full of Action

Blasting onto the Nintendo Switch is My Friend Pedro: Blood, Bullets, Bananas, a brand-new game from DeadToast Entertainment and Devolver Digital. Wild, bloody, vicious, and fierce, My Friend Pedro is an astonishing action experience that features a commoving tale of friendship woven within rousing gameplay. My Friend Pedro begins with you slowly awakening from a painful slumber and seeing a banana. This banana is your best friend, and it is indeed real. The Banana seems appears as a wholesome

REVIEW: 'Super Blood Hockey' Takes You Back to NES-era Sports Games

When I was growing up, sports video games were complete packages, wrapped around great gameplay and presentation. It was a Golden Age, long before sports games became as they are today: Corporate, annual, monetized titles that perform the bare minimum. Among the many great sports games that were played during this Golden Era was Konami’s Blades of Steel, a game that took the sport of ice hockey, greatly streamlined it, and turned it into a fast, enjoyable, action arcade game, filled with slapsho

REVIEW: 'I Am The Hero' is an Immersive, Fun, and Challenging Game

When corrupt big-pharma steps into your community, the whole neighborhood suffers. The town you know and love is in upheaval as joblessness, homelessness, and violence plague the streets. In a world without superheroes, this terrifying world will remain the same unless someone breaks the cycle. Not all heroes wear capes, and in I Am The Hero, you won’t need to. From Ratalaika Games and Crazyant comes I Am The Hero, a side-scrolling action brawling video game that puts players as regular citizens
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